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Mountain View

298 San Antonio Road, Suite 100
Mountain View, CA 94040

Call (650) 559-1550
Text (650) 204-1818

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Central San Jose

1671 The Alameda, Suite #101
San Jose, CA 95126

Call (408) 978-9310
Text (408) 837-1919

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East San Jose

12 N. White Road #1
San Jose, CA 95127

Call (408) 272-5577
Text (408) 837-1717

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What Clients Say

"I was getting a lot of pressure from my boyfriend to get an abortion. I came to RealOptions and my Client Advocate listened compassionately to my worries and fears. They helped me get to a mental state of peace to make my decision confidently."

person Mei

"I found myself pregnant and I saw a RealOptions Campus Pregnancy Support team at SJSU campus. I made an appointment and when I started talking with my Client Advocate I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders."

person Amy

"It was the first time after I became pregnant that I really was able to open up to someone about everything that was going on in my life. It was nice to be able to discuss, not just be told, what all my options were."

person Sarah

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Mountain View
(650) 559-1550

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Tue 10 to 5
Wed 10 to 5
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Fri 9 to 5

Central San Jose
(408) 978-9310

Mon 9 to 5
Tue 8:30 to 7
Wed 9 to 5
Thu 8:30 to 7
Fri 9 to 5

East San Jose
(408) 272-5577

Mon 9 to 6:30
Tue 9 to 5
Wed 9 to 5
Thu 9 to 6:30
Fri 9 to 5

Walk-ins are welcome during business hours.
Our East San Jose location will be open on the second Saturday of every month from 10am-4pm.