Childbirth Classes

There are many benefits to becoming a patient of RealOptions for those facing an unplanned pregnancy.  One of the more practical benefits is the childbirth classes they provide. “The class is free for our patients,” said Lisa Wagner. “It can cost anywhere from $125.00 to $200.00 dollars for the same class depending on where it is offered. But the patients coming to RealOptions can attend our class for free.”

“The class is geared toward teaching first time moms what they can expect when they go into labor,” said Wagner, a registered nurse, who works full time in labor and delivery at El Camino Hospital when she is not volunteering at RealOptions. “We educate patients on the different stages of labor, what they can expect during that time, when to go to the hospital or to call the doctor, what’s an emergency and what’s not.  We really focus on breathing techniques, position changes, and educate them on their pain management options. Some people want to go natural and others want to go with an epidural. We want them to be aware of what it is going to be like and not just show up at the hospital and hope for the best.”

In the past the class was offered in two parts, but Wagner has been experimenting with one longer class to fit into the busy working schedules of the expecting moms and their partners. “We also cover what to expect once they have their  baby including the immediate recovery stage, for the first few hours. What the nurses are going to be doing to help with their baby such as when they are going to bathe the baby, breast feeding, and all that kind of stuff.”

The size of the class depends upon where and when it is offered.  There can be as few as four couples or up to a dozen. “Of course everybody shows up a little nervous at first,” said Wagner.  “So I do my icebreaker by having people introduce themselves and talk about their hobbies. I tell them how long I have been teaching birthing classes and a little about myself. I also bring snacks of fruit, chips, granola bars, string cheese, just different things because I know people are coming from work and they don’t have time to eat.  It’s a good way to help everyone relax and enjoy the class.”

If you are concerned about the prospect of facing an unplanned pregnancy, RealOptions has the resources to help you through the process, including free childbirth classes. Call or schedule an appointment at one of our RealOptions Obria Medical Clinics’ convenient locations or go to

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