Hello! My name is Becca Cha, and I am the Director of Education at Real Options. So nice to e-meet you!

Becca is a graduate from the University of California Davis with a BA in Psychology, as well as from Western Seminary with a MA in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is certified as an instructor in RealEssentials Curriculum and Ascend, and has a background in counseling. She loves spending time with students talking about anything related to building healthy relationships, thriving communication, and future goals. She truly believes that each student is unique and has a purpose for their life, which she desires to see them live out. Conversing with parents is also a highlight for her, as she believes they are vital in each student's life and can have a major impact.



Brianna is a certified instructor in RealEssentials Curriculum, and has a background in both education and microbiology, especially STDs, and has extensive experience in lab research on chlamydia. She loves speaking to students and parents about any and all health topics, from how to make healthy choices and relationships to understanding the biology of disease causing organisms. As a former high school teacher, she believes that students are best empowered to make healthy choices and keep themselves safe when they fully understand the risks and benefits available to them and when their parents and guardians  engage in and support their learning.




Annie Chang serves as an educator for RealOptions Obria Medical Clinics in San Jose. The education team delivers RealTalk, a sexual risk avoidance program, for youth, young adults and parents in the Bay Area. She enjoys engaging with youth and young adults and encouraging them to make healthy lifestyle choices about sex and dating. Annie also serves in community groups as a co leader for a leadership class called Protégé, is a premarital mentor, and a leader on the Relationship Care Team. She has two sons and lives in San Jose with her husband CJ.




Myriam Yao serves at RealOptions as the Community Outreach Manager and as an Optimal Health Coach volunteer. She holds a BA in Political Science from Stanford University, and is passionate about equipping students with the information and insight to build strong character and develop thriving relationships in today's world. She lives in San Jose and enjoys reading, going to the gym, and volunteering.



Alan and Maureen Crownover have been married for 36 years and are currently enjoying grandparenthood. They have a passion to share effective tools with parents to help equip their children to navigate their way to healthy relationships and sexuality. This passion is fueled by the love they have for youth and desire to see them flourish and their personal experience of being parents of pre-teens and teens and feeling ill-equipped to help their children face the challenges of managing their relationships and sexuality in today’s culture.  Alan and Maureen are Sexual Risk Avoidance Specialist certified and have been supporters and volunteers at Real Options over the last 15 years.



Danny Sanchez serves our community as a passionate Youth Violence Prevention Activist and Latino Leadership Advocate. He is the volunteer Lead Chaplain for the City of San Jose Mayor’s Gang Prevention Task Force and Lead Chaplain for Santa Clara County Valley Medical Hospital’s Peer Intervention Program, Trauma to Triumph. Danny works with families in crisis who are dealing with loss and those injured in gang violence. As a San Jose native, and having been formerly involved in the gang lifestyle, Pastor Danny has a heart and urgency to reach youth and their loved ones in the wake of violence. In 2012, Pastor Danny was awarded Champion Of Change in youth violence prevention by President Barack Obama.