The parents’ program is an interactive presentation that engages parents of teens in dynamic discussions that help them understand the cultural pressures and messages about sex that influence their kids. It is designed to help equip parents so that they know how to speak with their children about the risks of sexual activity and can encourage them to make healthy lifestyle choices. Do you ever find yourself surprised at how different our younger generation thinks? Do you find yourself amazed at how a few decades has made such a vast difference in how people interact, make decisions, and pursue relationships? Despite having tons of information available to them, research shows that STDs are on the rise with students, teens are more unsatisfied with their lives, and loneliness is prevalent in our over connected world. It may feel overwhelming as parents, but there are countless examples where parent groups have effectively advocated for their students, by being informed, united, and courageous in standing up against the tide. I encourage all of us to be actively researching and choosing to protect our students from misinformation. Studies show that parents still have enormous influence over students’ decisions about sex and relationships, so our presentations are here to provide the correct information and resources.

Topics we typically cover within RealTalk for Parents:

  • Healthy Relationships
  • Internet Safety: Sexting/Cyberbullying/Pornography
  • Teen Pregnancy Information and Prevention
  • HIV/STD facts:  how they are spread, symptoms, and how to avoid them
  • Cultural messages about sex