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Teacher Perspectives

“This program has been great, especially for students in mid 6th grade.  I really enjoyed the personality test because it made students reflect and become more self aware.  I also appreciated the list of character traits because it exposed the students to very specific descriptive adjectives that they can use in their daily life.

I also liked the use of the personality wheel because it teaches students that humans are complex and that we must strive for balance in all aspects in order to thrive.”

- Julianne Harrison, Aptitud Community Academy at Goss

“RealTalk was able to provide a safe space for our students to get information that they otherwise may not seek out. They felt comfortable asking questions of the presenters, which was awesome! It was a frank and honest conversation, which is what the students always ask for. We appreciate the support and resources that were provided. I look forward to continuing this partnership in the coming years.”

- San Jose High School

“I have seen the Real Options presentations several times and they always do a great job.”

- Santa Clara High School

“It was perfect; engaging and entertaining.”

- Overfelt High School

"RealOptions provides an outstanding presentation on sexually transmitted diseases and their prevention. Speakers and activities are engaging and able to make very effective connections with high school students. The program has been of great value to the students at Branham High School."

- Branham High School

“The RealTalk Educators are awesome and totally connect with students via stories. I love the encouragement to value and respect oneself!”

- Del Mar High School

“RealOptions is a great program that gives kids a choice …. I have had other programs come and take about sexual education with my students, but RealOptions talked to them not as a lecture but as real people knowing they will make their own decisions. With the speakers being open to discuss their personal lives it allowed students to feel they are being shown by example.”

- Metro Ed

“The presentation was very clear and informative and opened the eyes of my students to many things they have not heard of.”

- Valley Christian High School

“[The RealTalk Speaker] was amazing!! The students were totally engaged and I loved her energy 🙂 Looking forward to seeing her again!”

- Overfelt High School

Schools Served

We have been in multiple public, private, and charter schools throughout Santa Clara, Alameda, and San Mateo Counties. Please let us know if you have any further inquiries.