She’s Pregnant, Now what?

Those words you hoped you would never hear are ringing in your ears. Deciding to have sex has now impacted at least 3 lives: yours, your girlfriend's, and the life she now carries. What you do next will go a long way in defining the man you are and want to be. Although you may not have control, you do have choices that will impact others; and when you look back, what will matter most is how you conducted yourself.

Let's face it, you have 5 basic choices:


Before going any further, remember that you are not alone. RealOptions has male Patient Advocates who look forward to talking with you as you make a decision. Here are some final thoughts as you consider your situation.

Think of how hard this time is on your wife/girlfriend and support her. Now is the time to stand by her and be a man. You do not have to rush into any decision - our Patient Advocates are available to talk with you and your wife/girlfriend about all of your options to equip you to make the most informed decision.

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