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“The staff at RealOptions provides a wonderful place for families to go if they are struggling with a decision on what they want to do,” said Cheri Woloski. “They are supportive on helping families talk through what avenues they can take and provide them with resources they need.”

Cheri has been a lactation and breastfeeding expert for more than twenty years and works at El Camino Hospital. She recently began volunteering at RealOptions where she has a unique view of how women move through the process. “By the time I see them they are already moving through the system,” Cheri said. “They have already decided they are going to have this baby, and I am one of the people that helps them to understand what to expect as far as breastfeeding goes once the baby is born and help them navigate through the hospital stay and prepare for when they get home.”

Cheri’s volunteer work is a great example of how the people of RealOptions are here for you from beginning to end. “I see each person as an individual with unique circumstances” she said. “I just want to love them and provide them some kind of support and give them somewhere safe where they can say, ‘I’m tired’. It is normal for the baby to want to eat all the time. I let them know this isn’t going to last forever and they are doing a good job.”

“We go over facts about breastfeeding, all the advantages and what to expect in the maternity unit. And then about how things go when they get home and what resources they can go to for support,” said Cheri. “I also talk about ways to soothe the baby and how to hold the baby. We are there to help you get through the difficult part. For some moms it all comes naturally and they just need a little bit of help and reassurance allowing them to trust in the process and things go well.”

RealOptions provides you with a team of experienced advocates to help you make choices and follow a specific plan of action that will work for you.

If you are worried about the prospect of facing an unplanned pregnancy or if you are in need of our support services, you may find it helpful to meet with one of our patient advocates. Call or schedule an appointment at one of our convenient locations of RealOptions Obria Medical Clinics or go to

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