Pap Smear Test

Why are Pap Smears important? Pap Smears or Pap Tests are important because they look for precancerous cells on the cervix that can become cervical cancer if left untreated.  This test is done in a doctor’s office and involves a plastic or metal speculum that is used to widen the vagina to allow the doctor to examine the vagina and … Continued

Are you at risk for an STI/STD

Are you at risk for an STI/STD Take our STI/STD quiz! 1. ____ out of ____ sexually active young women has had genital Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). A. 1 out of 30 B. 1 out of 15 C. 1 out of 7 D. 1 out of 2 2. True or False : The younger a person is when they start … Continued