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Hope Support Group

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Everyone grieves differently and there is no one "right" answer for how to cope when impacted by abortion/pregnancy loss. But you don’t need to be alone in this process. No matter how long you’ve been grieving, we offer a safe, and compassionate place to explore the complex emotions of loss, provide tools and faith based strategies, as we build a community of hope and connection. Hope Support Groups are open to all who have been impacted directly or indirectly with abortion, miscarriage and pregnancy loss.



First & Third Thursday of every month via Zoom
6:30 pm to 7:30 pm


Email [email protected] for the Zoom Link.


No registration is necessary.

RealOptions also offers small group classes led by compassionate facilitators. We create a safe, loving and supportive environment. In addition, the small group offers you the opportunity to share from the heart and for healing to begin alongside others with similar experiences.


This is a small group setting with a maximum of 6 participants. Confidentiality is required. Small groups are gender specific.


For more information please call or email Becky Morales
at 408.837.0990 or [email protected].

Rachel's Vineyard Retreats

Experiences of grief and pain are often unnamed and unspoken but both typically accompany abortion and miscarriage. Although the 2 experiences are different in some ways, often there are similar struggles. Women, men, and couples - anyone affected by pregnancy loss - are encouraged to attend the Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat. Nearly 1 in 4 women and men have been affected by an abortion and 1 in 5 are affected by miscarriage. So often, women and men impacted by pregnancy loss have suffered deep wounds, including powerful feelings of abandonment, shame, anger, and loss. Since there is carefully guarded secrecy around pregnancy loss, these hidden, painful, emotions may cause other struggles such as substance abuse, bonding issues with children, depression, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, and feelings of unworthiness. If the quality of your life is affected or you have never completely recovered from pregnancy loss, Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat is a place where you can find support, compassion and healing. This international ministry is a confidential, safe place to share your story and discover God’s heart of compassion and mercy. The retreat is a non-denominational, interfaith environment offering Biblical principles and perspectives for restoration. This retreat is being held at a local retreat center. The financial value of the retreat is $500. However, retreatants are charged only $200 which includes single occupancy accommodations for two nights, all meals, and retreat supplies. Scholarships are available. Contact us at [email protected] for more information. This is a valuable place to be kind to yourself and explore spiritual renewal! Sources:

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Rachel's Vineyard Weekend Bilingual Spanish/English Retreat-
January 21-23, 2022

Becky Morales
[email protected]
To apply* online, click this Retreat Application link.

Contact Jenn Gonzales for Spanish
Contact Becky Morales for English

*Applying does not guarantee your reservation.
A Phone Appointment is required to complete the application process.
RealOptions will be adhering to all CDC regulations for this upcoming Rachel’s Vineyard retreat.
This includes masks worn at all times, and majority sessions and meals will be held outside on a deck overlooking the Bay Area.
Online Healing Pathways

It is common for some who have gone through an abortion to experience thoughts and emotions that are difficult to process. These uneasy feelings can come on immediately or suddenly hit you weeks or even years after the procedure.


Has your mind, body, or soul been impacted? RealOptions Obria Medical Clinics is working with an online after-abortion wellness program called abortionchangesyou.com. It is a confidential space that serves as a refuge for those who wish to begin the process of healing. This process includes building support, exploring emotions, and identifying loss. This pathway is a starting point for reflection and healing regarding the personal impact of abortion. Each person will go through the process differently. We encourage you to explore the site. (English abortionchangesyou.com | Spanish elabortotecambia.com)


If you find yourself overwhelmed or in need of local support please feel free to call us at 408.837.0990 or schedule an appointment with our caring team who have experienced similar feelings.