If you are pregnant and considering abortion, we recommend a pre-abortion screening. A viable pregnancy can be confirmed through a lab grade pregnancy test and an ultrasound. According to the MayoClinic, ten to twenty percent of known pregnancies end in miscarriage. An ultrasound will:

  • Confirm pregnancy
  • Determine singleton or multiple gestation
  • Detect fetal heartbeat
  • Determine fetal age
  • Determine due date
  • Determine location of pregnancy (intrauterine/ectopic)

There are medication and surgical abortion procedures. The type of abortion procedure your medical provider chooses depends on factors like how far along you are. Please note that RealOptions does not refer or provide abortions. We do provide:

Pre-abortion screenings which may include:

A pregnancy test verification serves as proof of pregnancy for insurance companies and agencies that provide services like WIC ( Woman, Infant & Children) if you decide to parent and abortion clinics if you decide to end your pregnancy. We provide presumptive eligibility for Medi-Cal if you are pregnant and decide to carry to term and we accept Medi-Cal insurance.  All of our services, including prenatal care are provided with or without insurance. Click here to apply for WIC.

We recommend that you be tested for sexually transmitted diseases and infections if you have been sexually active and are pregnant.  It is very important that a sexually transmitted infection is treated before an abortion to prevent the spread of infection during the abortion procedure.

We are here to help you understand all your options so that you can make an informed decision. If you are concerned about your financial ability to pay for a service, you may be eligible for a state-funded financial aid program that would provide services for you at no cost.

RealOptions provides, pre-abortion screenings, confidential, and medically accurate consultations on all pregnancy options.

We do not refer or provide abortion services at our clinics


Abortion pills are not recommended without being under the care and direction of a healthcare provider due to the associated safety risks to you. Having an ultrasound and comprehensive assessment to determine risk factors is crucial. 

Abortion pills should not be ordered by mail as you cannot determine the safety and authenticity of the medications and doing so could put you at an increased risk for complications. 

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